Welcome! My name is Santa Ulnicane, and I live in Latvia.

Latvia, is a small country near the Baltic Sea, Europe (in case you didn't know). :)

This is my collection of candy "Gotiņa" wrappers. 'Gotiņa' is the diminutive of 'Cow'; sometimes it is translated as 'Little Cow'. Or maybe 'Cowy'?

There are some more translations of 'Gotiņa':

Latvian: Gotiņa;
Lithuanian: Karvutė;
Estonian: Lehmake;
Polish: Krówka;
Ukrainian: Корівка;
Russian: Коровка.

Today I have 1023 wrappers of the 'Latvian Gotiņa' - all produced in Latvia; and 21 wrappers of the 'Foreign Gotiņa'. I have also the 'Special Gotiņa' - these wrappers were produced for some exact purpose (advertising, for example), or some special person or occassion.

Feel free to watch and comment!

You can also help me to make my collection and send me some "Gotiņa", "Little Cow", "Karvutė", "Lehmake", "Krówka", "Корівка", "Коровка" or any other similar candy wrappers!

My address is:

Santa Ulnicane,
a.k. 62,

My e-mail is:


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